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vendredi 1er mai 2015, par cosa


Breemix aka Cosa was born in France in 1969. At 5 he received a recording machine which awakened his feeling for sounds and their large creative flowing possibilities. Self-taught, Breemix learned his first guitar riffs in the early 80s, based on the rock, punk, and reggae genres at a time when UK music production was spreading out across the whole of Europe. Eighties French rock bands such as Téléphone, Ange, and Trust influenced his own creative orientation which in turn he sculpted in his compositions, texts and music.

As a teenager Breemix began discovering Jimi Hendrix, Franck Zappa and Rory Gallagher, the three artists who like no other had an impact on his work, his style of playing and his artistic research (the 6 strings mystery).The first computers appeared when he got his first electric guitar and deeply mark his musical investigation and experimentation, as did the first echo units, rhythm machines and, later, tracker software. In 1984 he programmed his first electro-compositions on chipset AY-3-8912 to include in his recordings.


At 23 he formed his first band COSANOVA, a french rock trio of guitar, bass and drums characterised by its Jimi Hendrix and Rory Gallagher influences. He was composer, lyricist, singer and guitarist. For over 10 years COSANOVA made studio recordings, performed live and spread “pure energy” in Paris and its suburbs.

In 2003 COSANOVA disbanded. BreemiX became the guitarist of UCODE, an Accoustic Drum&Bass band formed by LK exceptional Cosanova’s drummer, featuring StephBass on bass, Gwen and Free on hip hop vocals. BreemiX moved to Portugal in 2004 where he joined SKAZOOMBA as a guitarist.

As solo artist, Breemix matured in “La Baragne”, an exceptional and isolated place in the South East of France, during a long and solitary stay. It is during this time that he began his long process, and still work-in-progress, of creating his electronic compositions mixing computer-generated sounds and instrumental music productions with guitars and bass. Breemix’s main concern and mastery is focused on guitar tones and playing techniques, as well as machines. His project features unconditional blues passion and new musical ranges performed through multiple computer programs. His electronic and electro-accoustic creations are mainly influenced by Robert Johnson, Elvin Jones, Roni Size and NTM and many others.

Breemix-ExpTracked Live Performance

His first album “Air Bon” (2000) is an industrial hip hop instrumental compilation with 5 proposals for a soundtrack for a short-length fiction film produced by a French suburbs social action network (PJJ). Specially sensitive to all the properties of both analog and digital technologies (soaked-saturated-limited) he uses fast and pragmatic vintage machines and seeks specific but versatile tools for the desired sound, such as music editing with groovebox. He fully explores the use and the potential of his machines and instruments compiled with the computer trackers that are constantly being updated (NoiseTracker, ProTracker, SoundTracker, FastTrackerII…). His releases span genres ranging from Hip Hop, Blues, Drum&Bass with an additional blend of guitar-rock and electronic by playing with a set of pedals, echo units (distortion, reverb, flanger) and loop makers leading to an original sound called “Drues’n Bass” (Blues and Drum&Bass). His recorded output is instrumental with a focus on innovative sounds.

His second album “Open Source” is conceptual and has political symbolism, exploring the uses of information and communication techniques. As Breemix is concerned with open source data, the GNU/Linux movement and collaborative action, using Linux devices and boosting his open source compliance know-how, through this album he attempts to foster collaboration from around the world with all kinds of artistic disciplines. A few tracks are available on reverbnation.com. He has received high praise from his peers and masters (Robben Ford, Sandra Beck, Wily Bo Walker, Lester Chambers and many other great artists). Breemix is an electronic blues soundmaker followed and supported by Roni Size, founder of the Drum&Bass movement. Breemix has worked with Aniff Akinola (Ian Brown [Stone Roses]) on “The Ironweed Project”, and released the remixed track “She wore hi heels”.

He is currently working on the project ExpTRACKED LIVE !, which is based on real time playing and live music.

Breemix - ExpTracked Live Performance - Drues'Bass session

A one-man band making sounds from minimalist to sophisticated, from sophisticated to minimalist and refined, he records, samples the guitars and basses, mixes and remixes live. He makes live, layered compositions with original guitar sounds, changing tone harmonies, using his subtlety of tone and the breadth of his knowledge, from the blackest of blues to moaning Hip-Hop, Drum&Bass, and clean, concise and bone-deep Rock’n’roll. The result is an unrepeatable live performance. Always unique.

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